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Lockbox protects your files with end to end no knowledge encryption to ensure your data is protected when being stored in the cloud.

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Support with Dropbox and Google Drive + more coming soon!
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Your files stored in the cloud aren’t safe! Not just from hackers, but from cloud providers themselves! Companies such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft One Drive can access, scan and even share your files with third parties!

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Stop letting companies own your files!

We at Zebu believe that everyone should be able to keep their files safely and securely in the cloud, that is why we are giving away Zebu Lockbox for free!

Zebu Lockbox is a free tool based on the same technology used in our secure messaging system Zebu Connect, it allows you to encrypt your Dropbox and Google Drive files so that you are the only one with access to them! Stop letting companies own your files! Use Zebu Lockbox for free forever!

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Protect your files

Your cloud provider could be accessing and sharing your files, but we can fix that! Zebu Lockbox encrypts your files on your machine before storing it with your cloud provider for FREE! Now your will be the only one with access to your files!

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We value privacy!

Zebu Lockbox technology locks down your files with a 256bit, end-to-end and no knowledgeable encryption, ensuring you to be the only one with the keys to open it!

All your storage in 1 secure place

Zebu Lockbox integrates with your existing cloud storage from Dropbox and Drive allowing you to manage all your storage from one place! You can even encrypt your existing files in Dropbox and Google Drive to ensure that they can no longer access the files you store with them!

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Access your files at anytime and anywhere!

With support for Windows, Mac and Linux, you can protect your devices from any operating system!

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Military Grade Encryption

Zebu Lockbox’s uses a military grade AES 256bit encryption algorithm to secure all your files in the cloud from unauthorized access.

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No Knowledge Encryption

The keys the unlock your encrypted files are only kept with you. This means we have no knowledge of what you are keeping in the cloud, we, nor anyone else can access your data.

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Encrypt Existing Files in the Cloud

Not only can you encrypt new files you upload using Lockbox but also can encrypt your existing files in the cloud as well!

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All your files in 1 place

Sign into you Dropbox and Google Drive simultaneously and manage all your storage in 1 place.

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You Own your Data

We don't mine, scan, collect, sell or share any of your data or app usage information with third parties. When you use Zebu your data is yours and private.

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File Management

Lockbox allows you to organize, delete, encrypt, favourite, search and much more, just as you would with Dropbox and Google Drive directly.

More to Come from Zebu and Lockbox

We are just getting started with Zebu Lockbox and are excited for whats to come! We will be adding support for other cloud platforms and adding more features to the current app. There is also somethng special on the horizon for those who need that extra bit of safety from the current cloud providers that are currently on the market

Keep an eye out for other products by Zebu!
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So, what are you waiting for? Download Lockbox today and enjoy the best, safest, and cheapest cloud storage known!

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