Solutions for Consulting Firms

Companies in the consulting sector handle sensitive corporate information on a daily basis such as confidential business plans, financial records, legal documents, credentials, etc. It’s critical to safeguard this information by encrypting their communications, files, and schedules.

safe and secure

Reduce Risk

Zebu mitigates the risk of data being stolen as the result of a hack, attack or security breach allowing consulting firms to manage risk to their reputation and brand.

Ensure Client Confidentiality

Zebu uses advanced encryption that means client information and team communications cannot be seen by anyone other than the recipients - not even Zebu. Ever.

Enhance Workflow

Zebu provides a suite of best-in-class, easy collaborative tools to help your teams create and share ideas - all on one secure app so they can be on the same page.

Easily Access Information

Zebu lets you quickly find all the files shared in all your chats, accessible automatically on every device - no hunting for files and docs.

Improve your team’s productivity

 safe and secure
 safe and secure
 safe and secure