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Connect your Teams Communication & Collaboration.

Connect protects your files with end to end no knowledge encryption to ensure your data is protected when being stored in the cloud.

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Secure Messaging

All your discussions are locked with AES 256bit, end-to-end no knowledge encryption guaranteeing that your conversations are inaccessible to others.

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Send any file safely and securely! Your files are encrypted before sent and even allow you to decrypt to view images directly within your conversations!

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External Connections

Externals allow you to connect with people and teams outside of your own organization, to continue using everything you love about Connect!

Connect is an easy & effective way to communicate.

Connect allows you to easily access your team, to maximize the efficiency of your work and communication! We connect you instantly with your entire organization and allow you to connect and collaborate with those outside it.

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If you are still using email, you're doing it wrong.

Email isn't sufficient for effective and quick communication.
By switching to Connect your team never has to worry about lost communication in an overflowing inbox. Instead of your work discussions being scattered through your inbox, all your messages are together into a discussion channel making it easy to follow and trace back. Connect securely stores and organizes all you files so you may download them from any device whenever you need.

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Keep your discussions secure.

Email is notorious for being one of the least secure methods of communication across the internet. Almost all email providers such as Gmail and Outlook are scanning and accessing content held within emails. Zebu Connect uses military grade encryption across the entire platform to protect your teams work. End-to-end, no knowledge encryption solution ensures that no one (not even us), nor the government or hackers can get your data.

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Connect is packed with features!

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Access Connect at anytime and anywhere!

With support for Windows, Mac and Linux, iOS, Android and any web browser you can stay in the loop not matter what device or browser you use.

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