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Easy & Effective

We designed a rich platform that will allow you to easily access your coworkers and improve your productivity!

cloud based system

Cloud Based

Access your information anytime and anywhere from any platform! after all, we are here to Connect you!

5gb for free

It's Free!

Get ready for the richest and cheapest enterprise message that you can have! Sign up today to enjoy our amazing features!

  • 100% Encrypted and Secure!

    It is becoming more and more common to get your information stolen and sold on the web. Because of that, our farm has developed a strong and encrypted platform to protect you, your messages and all your files! Ensuring that no one(not even us) not the government and no hackers can get your information! Undisturbedly share files and messages and know that you are the one and only to own your data! Forget about old-school emails and other platforms, after all you are no Slacker!

  • Polling example interface

A world of features awaits for you!


Take fast decisions with our polling system! Easily create and share a poll among your coworkers and boost your decision making!


Keep the conversation going with our comment feature! On Connect you can keep track of valuable information and respond to specific messages!

File Sharing

Easily drag and drop files for fast sharing! Enjoy 5GB of storage on us! Get ready to enjoy the richest and cheapest enterprise messaging!

And more!

Connect allows you to deliver more with fewer sentences than emails and reports!

Searchable Content


Don’t miss any messages! Get back at them by searching for any keywords!

GIF Messages

GIF Messages

When you feel that emoji’s aren’t enough, GIF's are there for you to express yourself!

Code Snippets

Code Snippits

Developers can collaborate with our built-in Code snippet system, supporting more than 20 languages!

Pin messages


Got an important message? Pin it and have easy access to it at any time!

Connect All

Connect All

Need to share something important to all teams? Just Broadcast a message on Connect All and make your life simpler!

Custom Columns

Custom Columns

Quickly view and access up to 4 team conversations with our exclusive Channels Dashboards!



Customize your settings the way you want! We provide a variety of configurations to best suit your preference!

More Text Options and Styling bar

More Text Options

Customize your message with our Text editing feature! Bold, italic, underline, color fonts and more!

Zebee is from Canada

About Zebu

Based in Waterloo, the warmest and fastest growing startup market in Canada, Zebu Connect is raising the bar on enterprise messaging communication. Our cloud based platform intelligently connect our users all over the globe, across multiple industries with an unique purpose: Better Team Communication.

We are excited to have you with us!

We are currently in Beta, but give us your email and we will inform you when ZEBU Connect goes live!

group of Zebee and his friends ready to welcome you!