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3-In-1, A Powerful Solution

Stop wasting time and money with multiple platforms when you can be using 1 instead! Plus, those other apps might not be protecting your greatest assets. With Zebu, all your team's communication, files, and schedules are in one place, secured with military grade encryption technology.

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Security Done Right!

Other solution providers can access and share your private data and files without your knowledge. At Zebu, we believe this is immoral. We're setting a higher standard of security and trust for cloud solutions, ensuring that peoples work is secured, even against ourselves. All teams should have easy to use tools that don’t misuse, sell or take advantage of them, and above all else ensure that their most sensitive information remains secure.

  • checkmark iconNot even a supernova has enough energy to break our military-grade encryption.
  • checkmark iconIt would take longer than the lifespan of the universe to break the encryption on 1 message.
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safe and secure

Our company is full of productivity junkies that were addicted to Slack. Now that we’re using Zebu, we’re getting infinitely better security and privacy for ourselves and our clients' information without having to sacrifice a single thing. Take all the tools you’re using to message, book meetings, and store/share your files. then wrap them up in an easy-to-use, secure package. That’s Zebu

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Sarah Rosenquist, Stryve Marketing
safe and secure

We were looking for an application that would do a better job than just messaging. We had issues with the previous message app, where we had to manually take care of simple task requests in the message. For example, messages would request meeting dates, and we would have to exchange dozens of text messages to define common availability. Zebu just automatically creates polls and has a clever organization of files, where we always find them. We also love the fact that everything is encrypted to guarantee our intellectual properties are protected.

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Eduardo Pereira, President, Redesa
safe and secure

Zebu has transformed my workspace environment. I insist that my team and clients use it so we can communicate and transfer files securely. Its like having WhatsApp, Dropbox and Github in one secure and searchable package.

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Brian Freeman, Head of Middle East Operations, Lakes Software
safe and secure

Once we started using Zebu, in addition to being able to schedule meetings in one place and not disperse our staff, we were also able to save files and communicate better, take better decisions using the polling system and best of all, it's totally safe. Because we know the level of security and encryption adopted, we feel comfortable storing our company’s sensitive files and information on Zebu

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Douglas Barroso, Founder, Bocca
safe and secure

Zebu allows our team to efficiently complete complicated business tasks with one app! Team communication has never been more critical. No matter where our team members are located, we can easily conduct secure group discussions and share sensitive documents with no concerns that they will be compromised. The encryption and secure cloud storage leave us confident that our intellectual property remains protected!

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Mohammad, ENN.com

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