Streamlining your business so you can thrive!

All our products are seamlessly connected so you never have to bother with multiple apps when you want to get things done!

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Zebu Infrastructure Online is continuously building its Cloud platform that helps run and streamline businesses across numerous goods and services industries. Our Cloud ERP and Mobile App enable you to manage everything from work and on the go.

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Better Team Communication in Beta!

Zebu connect is an easy and effective way to communicate. We designed a rich platform that will allow you to easily access your coworkers and improve your productivity on a daily basis! Connect will be released in 2018!

Zebu Connect makes your communication easy and secure!

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Secure Storage Platform

Zebu Lockbox is a free tool based on the same technology used in our secure messaging system, Zebu Connect. Lockbox allows you to encrypt your Dropbox and Google Drive files so only you have access to them! Stop letting companies own your files!

Use Zebu Lockbox for FREE forever!

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